About The League:

We are a league of competitive YMCA swim teams in Western Pennsylvania. The purpose of the league is to promote swimming competition and the values of the YMCA. The league meets twice a year to review league membership, league rules and to determine the meet schedule. 

Dual Meet Results
Dual meet results are to be sent to secretary@wpysl.org by Sunday night following the meet.
Please remember that BOTH teams are responsible for sending scores and the HOST team is
responsibility for sending COMPLETE meet results (with times).

2015 Sectional Championships:

Northwest Conference Section A
1st Place - New Castle
2nd Place - Grove City

Northwest Conference Section AA
1st Place - Butler
2nd Place - South Hills

Southeast Conference Section A
1st Place - Uniontown
2nd Place - Valley Points

Southeast Conference Section AA
1st Place - Indiana
2nd Place - Sampson

FEBURARY 7, 2015
Northwest Conference Section A - Host: New Castle/ Grove City  Venue: Grove City YMCA
 send entries to : Karen Wendelshaefer kwendelshaefer@grovecityymca.org
Teams: New Castle, Grove City, Shenango Valley, Thelma Lovette, Richard G. Snyder, Allegheny Valley

Northwest Conference Section AA - Host: Butler YMCA   Venue: Butler High School
 send entries to: Alex Fertelmes fertelmes@yahoo.com
Teams: Baierl, Butler, Sewickley, South Hills

Southeast Conference Section A - Host: Uniontown YMCA  Venue: California University of PA
send entries to: Jenn Lewis untyswim@live.com
Teams: Uniontown, Wilmerding, Valley Points, Mon Valley

Southeast Conference Section AA - Host : Indiana YMCA  Venue: Indiana University of PA
Teams: Indiana, Greensburg, Johnstown, Sampson, Ligonier Valley

2015 B Championships:
February 28, 2015 California University of PA
Host: Uniontown YMCA 

Western PA YMCA District Championships:

March 6-8, 2015 Penn State University McCoy Natatorium
Host: Hollidaysburg YMCA
Click on tab 2015 West Districts


Team registration website http://www.ymcacompetitiveswim.org/